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Multi Skilled

All skill sets offered under one roof. We can carry out works from start to finish. As well as being roofers in Essex we are general builders and decorators, so we can take care of the entire job and leave it the way you want it... Finished to a high standard.

Finishing Touches
Eye for detail

We're happy when you are happy. We like to get the job right and so are happy to hear your input on how the finish should look or if you want small tweaks here and there.

Small repairs

Professional small repairs for your roof. Tiles can get damaged from time to time or slat tiles in particular can slip and need refixing. We are happy to repair even single tiles.

New roof tiles

A new roof of tiles can make a property look new again. Not only aesthetically plaesing, a new roof will protect the property from damage from the weather. It is important to regularly check roof spaces for damage so as to prevent more damage occuring from water ingress over time.

Flat roof

A flat roof is particularly susceptible to damage over time from the elements. A traditional flat roof with felt can be replaced with a fibreglass system which is not only aesthetically pleasing but much more durable and longer lasting.

Complete new roof

We specialize in complete roof replacement including removal of the old roof with wooden roof trusses and replacement to a high standard.

Roofers in Essex roof new roof
Professional roofers in Essex
  • Work carried out to a high standard
  • Roofers in Essex. Based in Braintree
  • Tailored to your needs and to your budget
  • All types of roofing projects undertaken
  • No job too big or too small
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Professional roofers in Essex based in Braintree

Some roofing projects involve dealing with structurally integral timbers like roof trusses. When you do not have the correct expertise, this can be dangerous or lead to further problems along the line. With an in-depth knowledge of construction we can ensure that any project is carried out safely and WILL BE safe, not just for now, but for years to come.

Convert spaces
Making the most of your home

Extending into the loft space of your property can be a great way to get more room for your family without moving home. This will require work to be carried out on the roof itself and we are happy to discuss exactly how to achieve your desired result.

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Stress carpentry service
Roofing projects can be stresfull enough... We can take the pressure off.
We believe in a stress free service

Some people choose to tackle small roofing repairs on their own, which can be a good way to save money. However, all too often, when you don't have extensive experience you run into problems, mistakes can even cost you more time and money, especially if you have to take time off work. Not only this but it can be extremely dangerous to attempt repairs to your roof yourself. We have extensive experience and can get the job done on time and without any drama!

Roofing services in Essex you can trust
Need someone you can trust and rely on?
We believe in trustworthiness

When inviting someone into your home to carry out works, you need someone whom you can trust. We pride ourselves on our honesty and trustworthiness so you are in safe hands and can feel relaxed with us in your property.

High quality roofing projects Essex
We know its the finishing touches that make a house a home.
We believe in quality

We treat all projects as our own, making sure that the final touches are well thought out, giving the end result you are looking for from roofers in Essex.

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